The Design Center and Nursery feature specimen quality, mature plants, shrubs, and trees which provide commercial landscapers the opportunity to choose from a variety of carefully selected items. It is also a display center for our landscape customers to see all the varieties of plants, trees, walkways, and patios in various landscape settings. You can stroll the walkways and see elements of your favorite landscape design before it's installed.

Landscape & Flagstone

Beautiful landscaping is inspiring. 
It says... “This is my home”.
It excites your neighbors too! 

You can add value to your home and the community with your special touch.

Walkways and Stone Work

It can be large or small… 
rectangular, round or square... 
your place to sit, rest and read… 
or a place to study. 

Come visit our Design Center

At our Design Center, you can see the many possibilities and explore your options...

Shade, partial cedar, columns or stonework...

benches & tables with friends & family...

sitting & talking or strolling your new pathway...

enjoying life in your outdoor kitchen.

Bon Appetite'

Gardens & Wildlife

Butterflies & hummingbirds, birdbaths & fish ponds,

fountains & waterfalls, the tranquil sounds of water & wildlife...

Your Outdoor Paradise

Create excitement in your garden 
spreading spectacular parades of color throughout your landscape

using specially selected perennials.

Landscape Fountains

Why not read, write, rest, think or pray 
with the sounds of nature in a 
beautiful setting in your back yard?

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