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  • Mulch compost improves soil structure & porosity, creating a better plant root environment.
  • It increases moisture infiltration & permeability & reduces bulk density of heavy soils – reducing erosion & runoff.
  • It improves the moisture-holding capacity of light soils, reducing water loss & nutrient leaching & improving moisture retention.
  • Mulch provides nutrients.
  • It improves the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soils – improving their ability to retain nutrients for plant use.
  • Mulch supplies organic matter.
  • It supplies beneficial microorganisms to soils & assists in their proliferation.
  • It encourages vigorous root growth.
  • Soils amended with organic materials require less irrigation and fewer fertilizers & pesticides than depleted soils to achieve optimal production & healthy plant life.

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Mulch Yard

Kirsch Enterprises (Kingwood Mulch) is
designated as a Recycling Facility for  yard waste and wood products and permitted
by the City of Houston Fire Department for
storage of recycled wood products.

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We design & build the most

beautiful patios in the world.

We Make Mulch

We have been a FEMA/TCEQ approved Recycling Facility for storage of disaster
debris from incidences such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

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We take care of our neighbors.

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