Custom Selection and Professional Installation

Outdoor Kitchen Systems


A Natural Extension of Your Kitchen

Just when you think your outdoor planning is complete…

here comes the outdoor kitchen.


All the cooking, cutting, and serving can be done in privacy,

in the shade of your arbor right in your backyard.


Entertain in Style

A great place for social gatherings for adults and children, too.

A college or high school graduation in a safe environment?

Maybe a wedding reception?

Or, a place for great food, music, and entertainment.


An Outdoor Kitchen Makes Cooking a Pleasure

Grill, smoke, steam or warm your favorite foods without ever messing up the kitchen or turning on the oven.

An outdoor kitchen lends excitement to any occasion. It's brilliant.

 A Place to Cook & More

Your outdoor kitchen can be complementary to your home's style and color.

We use only high-end cooking units because its more than just a place to cook.

As Day Turns to Night

A great place to watch the sunset as the lights come on

...extending your fun into the night.

Custom Grill

Beautiful custom-built outdoor kitchen... 

Another WOW! Factor Kirsch project

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