Irrigation & Drainage

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Irrigation & Drainage Systems 

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How well does your property drain?
Before we plant or construct anything, we always ask that question. Standing water or rapidly flowing runoff can ruin a perfectly planned landscape design.
Landscape benefits from both quality control and consistency... 

    Landscape Irrigation Systems

 Where will the water go? 
Sometimes the natural flow of rain water can wash away your dreams. Normal irrigation may also be a problem. However, strategically placed hardscapes, together with swales, catch basins, French drains or retaining walls can provide a solution to your drainage problem.


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     Retaining Walls & French Drains


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A professionally installed sprinkler system will save you money and time since it is automatic and meters only the amount of water needed.
You'll be free to do other important chores while your landscape benefits from consistent quality control.


   Automatic Sprinkler Systems


Irrigation should provide your plants and trees the amount of water that is needed for the season.
Not too much... Not too little. 

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The Magic of Water