landscape maintenance  

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Landscape Maintenance
Click on picture for enlarged view!     Our Preventive Maintenance
programs will keep your lawn,
shrubs, trees, and flower beds
healthy and beautiful year round.
Nutritional Impact
If you prefer all organics,
all natural biological
fertilizers, we have the
highest quality you can buy.
Dramatic positive impact
on your soils and plants...
It is the "Ultimate".
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       How does your Garden Grow?
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More for less, or less for more?
Not sure? Well... you can't avoid
that decision too long because your
plants, shrubs, and trees were naturally
at risk the day they were planted.
What's the risks?

  *Fire ants       *Chinch Bugs
  *Brown Patch       *Weeds
  *Insect Infested Lawn       *Crabgrass
   Preventive Maintenance